We Ship Orders Worldwide. Please See Below For Details And Instructions,
For Orders Outside the USA - We will accept PayPal as a method of payment as on most items
(See below for details.), but the item must be ordered from our Ebay store. Our Ebay store address is -
http://stores.ebay.com/varietyshoppe-com . You can search for the items you are looking for by using the
store search box on the left. We also accept *Western Union Money Transfers which is very easy
(See the instructions below). With the exception of Canada, We only ship orders outside the USA via
USPS Express Mail International and 95% of our orders are shipped the next business day.
All products that are on this site can be ordered using *Western Union Money Transfers.
For Orders to Canada - You have the the option of having your orders shipped USPS Express Mail
International which is faster and we usually ship those orders the next business day or
We do ship orders to to U.S. Territories the same as if they were orders within the U.S.
You the customer are responsible for any customs fees associated with the order and we are not
responsible for any orders being held by the customs of your country.
We cannot accept any Check or Money Order from a bank located outside
the United States.
All Prices and Totals Are In United States Dollars.
Western Union Money Transfer Instructions
1) When going through the checkout process choose the appropriate shipping option as mentioned above
     and then click Check Out Now.
2) In the next page choose the Order by Check/Money Order through Postal Mail option.
3) Complete the next page and the name of the order has to be the same as the sender of the
     transfer and click the submit secure order button.
4) Go to Western Union's site at http://www.westernunion.com to determine the best method for you to
     make the funds transfer.
5) Transfer the amount of the Grand Total of the order in US Funds to -
                  Receiver's Name: Denise Griffith
                                   Country: United States
                                            City: Dawsonville
                                         State: Georgia
    Postal Code or ZipCode: 30534
6) Very Important - Email us the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to
     1varietyshoppe@gmail.com This is the only way we have to know to be looking for your payment.
7) We will ship your order upon receipt of the money transfer.
Products That Are Available Through Our Ebay Store:
All of our VitaBlend Vitamin Products, All of our Superior Vitamin Products, All of our Sunshine Valley
Super Vitamin Products, All of our Stat! detox products, and
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